Below are three paintings that I created at the workshop:
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"Cinnabar Fire"
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"Parchment Past"
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"Spring Pearl"
Notes on "Cinnabar Fire":
  • The center background is wax paper which was textured with acrylic paint applied using a brayer (like a small paint roller). The wax paper was then collaged onto an already-painted background sheet.
  • The corners and left part of the painting were made by tearing already-painted pieces of paper and collaging them onto the background sheet, leaving the white edges showing.
Notes on "Parchment Past":
  • The center "parchment" pieces were created entirely accidentally. They were originally pieces of scrap paper which I had used to protect the table when drying some strips of paint-soaked paper I was working on. When all was dried, the scrap paper pieces looked much more interesting than what I was working on, so I used them.
Notes on "Spring Pearl":
  • The large "sun" shape is very thin rice paper collaged over pieces of string (to produce the horizontal "wrinkle" shapes running across it), then painted and textured with colored pencil. To form the "branching crack" in the "sun", the rice paper was trimmed with an X-Acto knife directly on the painting (very carefully) then removed, allowing the background sheet to show.
  • The two thin curved blue shapes on the left and the other shapes in the lower right corner are already-painted pieces of paper which were collaged onto the background sheet.